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Upcoming classes and seminars for chiropractic students and chiropractors...
3 or 5 Week Series for Students and DCs
- Three sessions from 9:00am to 2:00pm Saturdays
- Five sessions from 6-9pm Thursdays
- Classes cover either cervical or side posture osseous adjusting
- $295 Students/ $345 DC's for the full 3 or 5 weeks
- you MUST be registered and paid in full prior to the first session.
- Class size limited to 14 students
- Located at my office 2718 Telegraph Ave, Suite 210, Berkeley CA​​

One Day Intensive
- Classes cover either cervical or side posture osseous adjusting
- 9:00am - 3:00pm with one hour for lunch
- $125 Students/$155 DC's - class size limited to 14 students
- Located at my office 2718 Telegraph Ave, Suite 210, Berkeley CA​​
- Willing to travel to Los Angeles if at least 12 students are enrolled and location is provided

Semi Private Osseous Adjusting Seminars for DC's Only
These seminars are designed to assist practicing chiropractors, recent graduates or chiropractors returning to practice to advance their osseous skills.  They are created to provide a confidential, safe and comfortable environment for exposing and breaking through blocks or weaknesses in osseous practice skills in a fun and supportive way.

- Limited to 4-8 students
- 9:00am - 2:00pm 
- $1095 for class divided by number of participants 
- Classes designed specifically for needs of the participants
- Dates TBA by request
- Located at my office 2718 Telegraph Ave, Suite 210, Berkeley CA- Willing to travel if expenses paid

Private Adjusting Instruction
Perfect for chiropractors and chiropractic students who just need a refresher and pointers to get         
them through a specific block, or for those who are overly "stage shy" when learning in groups

Free 30 minute consultaion prior to first session
- $200/hr students - $280/hr DCs
- Fee's can be split between two participants.
- By appointment only
- Located at my office 2718 Telegraph Ave, Suite 210, Berkeley CA​​

You must be enrolled in chiropractic college or be a DC to attend any of the above 

To register please email sunflowerchiro@sbcglobal.net 
or call Sunflower Chiropractic Studio at 510-306-7611 

Dr. Elizabeth has been teaching chiropractic adjusting from the time she was in Chiropractic College.  She realized early in her chiropractic education that she wanted to teach as well as practice and has been perfecting her style ever since. She began teaching her own adjusting seminars in 1999 and has a unique skill in sharing the art of chiropractic.  Her passion is inspired by a strong foundation in chiropractic philosophy. Before becoming a chiropractor, Elizabeth coached competitive gymnastics for 15 years. She worked with all levels and all ages, taught all four women’s events and was head coach for balance beam. She has a great deal of understanding of the biomechanics of the human body on a very practical level.  This comes for years of teaching young girls to do back flips on a four inch plank four feet off the ground.  The slightest shift in biomechanics and center of gravity can mean the difference between landing on your feet and landing on your head!  Her seminars are about perfecting YOUR unique biomechanics and finding your center of gravity specific to your frame. She is here here to help you land on your feet!

Though there is a great deal of physical skill involved in gymnastics (and adjusting for that matter), the most difficult aspect of perfecting a balance beam routine is conquering ones fear!  Adjusting is also a combination of skill and mental aptitude and, for most students of adjusting, it is the mental that creates the most blocks and difficulty.  This is where Elizabeth's classes and seminars are most unique.  Her focus is on creating a safe place where students can discuss and address the mental as well as the physical.  It is all about finding your mental blocks and turning them around to become strengths!  Everyone is unique in this aspect and it is our goal to support you as an individual rather than simply give you cookie cutter techniques.  The fundamentals that she teaches can be applied to any technique that you chose to practice. This is a place to play and learn and remember the magnificence of this thing we call CHIROPRACTIC!

If you have specific trouble areas in your adjusting "tool bag", Elizabeth is happy to design seminars or classes specific to your needs or the needs of a group.  Just let her know what you are looking for and she will likely be able to provide the specific support you need.

Chiropractic Osseous Adjusting Seminars taught by Dr. Elizabeth
(Scroll down to view class descriptions and schedule)

Side Posture Adjusting One Day Intensive
Fall 2018 Dates: (Fills Fast)
Saturday November 17th
$125 students/$155 DCs

Supine Cervical Adjusting 5 Week Series 
Fall 2018 Dates: (Filling Fast)
Thursday Evenings
Oct 11th - Nov 15th 2018
(no class Nov 1st)
$295 students/$345 DCs

 Supine Cervical Adjusting One Day Intensive
Saturday TBD
$125 students/$155 DCs

and introducing:

Thoracic Adjusting One Day Intensive
Saturday TBD on request
$125 students/$155 DCs

More details and prices listed below. 

An Important Note on Refunds:  
Once registered I do not offer refunds less than four weeks prior to courses. My courses are designed to be personal and specific to each participant and this requires me to keep enrollment quite low.  I also try and keep my prices reasonable and competitive despite lower numbers than most seminars. Therefore I cannot honor last minute cancellations.  If you register and cannot attend it is up to you to find a replacement or forfeit your registration fee.  We will try and assist you by keeping a wait list for interested participants but ultimately you are responsible for the commitment.

Additional Dates and times TBA. 
Classes fill quickly so be sure and register ASAP!

 Email me for more details at sunflowerchiro@sbcglobal.net