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National Vaccine Information Center

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Three Stone Hearth: a community kitchen in Berkeley

Sunflower Chiropractic Studio    

Elizabeth Welch, DC
2718 Telegraph Ave, Suite 210
Berkeley, Ca 94705   

Phone: (510) 306-7611

Mon. Wed. Thurs. and Fri. 
by Appointment
Closed Tuesdays
"Elizabeth is a gifted practitioner of the healing arts. Her knowledge, competence, gentleness and generosity of spirit allow her adjustments on the physical body to bring one's entire self into a greater state of harmony.  My personal benefit has been enormous. I can't recommend her enough!" - J.H.
"She is truly amazing. I went in one day, sick as a dog, headache pounding. Within 1 hour I felt 85% better (nearly healthy again) and no headache. This woman has magic in her hands. Gentle yet strong and knows where to be each. Really skilled. Must be experienced to be understood. Worth every penny! " -   H. L.
"My neck feels lithe, more peaceful and my whole spine feels like it wants to break loose of the years of angry pain. I feel like I want and can allow my body to change.  Because of this lightness that I have been feeling my energy level soared!" - S.P.
"Your work with me has opened me up in ways I didn't think were possible.  People routinely approach me and comment on how I have blossomed, how even my face looks different... Four months of care with you and I no longer recognize myself in the mirror!" - M.H.
"I feel more flexible, I've been calmer, and I eat less sugar."  - S.S. (age 9)
"I am impressed with Elizabeth's assessment skills and sensitivity.  Sometimes I think that she is more attuned to my body with a few light touches than I am living in it!" - A.K.